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Design Consultancy

Digital media to traditional print based consultancy encompassing all forms of media and promotional tools

What I do

With over 25 years experience in traditional and digital media design,  consulting, development and management, MOS is unique in that it isn’t biased to any one form of output, but will utilise the right medium for your business.


Offline Strategy

Often forgotten about in a digital age, but equally as important to your business

Online Strategy

Complimenting the offline strategy, empowering your online world through the correct channels

Brand Management

Ensuring the message that your branding is sending is correct and relevant

Business Strategy

Making sure your are not wasting time, money and effort on the wrong output for your project

Customer Engagement

Enable your customers not only come back for repeat business but build trust in your brand, service and products

Media Management

From audio to video, photography to graphic design, and anything in-between

Generating New Ideas. Solving Big Problems

Without breaking the bank in the interim

Why AM i different

Having worked all over the UK and Southern Africa for a number of years in various media related industries, I have gained the knowledge and passion to enable my customers to engage with their customers more effectively

Some of My Latest Work

A small sample of recent projects

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